2018 Fishing Opener Start-Up

As this report is being put together, in no way is winter giving up, still plenty of ice on the lake and not much help with the weather. But spring weather will arrive and breakup will come quick!

Recently the Lake Vermilion Association had its annual meeting with the DNR fisheries in Tower. The fisheries division puts a lot of time and hard work keeping the Lake Vermilion fisheries well managed. The report on the walleye fisheries was very encouraging, test netting showed above target levels with the average size in the 15" range. Large walleye numbers were also higher, so not only will you have plenty of eating size walleye to catch but greater chances of a trophy fish. Northern pike numbers also increased with strong numbers of bigger fish. The lakes forage base is very healthy with the Cisco (tullibee) showing a healthy spike in their numbers which is not only good for walleye, but more so for our Muskies. Interesting work is being done with the musky, some of these fish have a data chip implanted in them so their life cycle can be monitored and recorded whenever they show back up in assessment nets.

Now is a good time to go thru all your components that go into your day on the water. Make sure all line on your reels have been replaced, check rods for any fractures or burrs or nicks in the eyes. Organize all your tackle, sharpen hooks, a quality landing net is worth the price, the rubber coating not only keeps hooks from tangles but keeps the fish in healthier condition for release. Go thru the boat making sure all required safety equipment is on board, check motor for proper fluid and batteries for outboard and trolling motor are all charged.

The Lake Association is diligently working to keep the lake healthy focusing strongly on keeping invasive species out of our lake. They will have people inspecting boats at public landings and also again will have decontamination stations. We all need to do more than we can to keep Lake Vermilion healthy!

We'll soon be on the water - in the meantime take care and think spring!

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service