Lake Vermilion
Fish Consumption Advisory

Today, more and more of us are concerned with the food we eat. That includes what we eat on vacation and what we bring home for our family to eat. Fish provide a high protein, low fat meal which is low in saturated fats. Many researchers suggest that a half-pound of fish a week in the diet is beneficial in preventing heart disease.
Minnesota has one of the most extensive fish monitoring programs in the U.S. Not because Minnesota has some of the most contaminated fish; rather, Minnesota has more lakes and miles of river to be concerned about than most states. Data on fish contamination and recommendations for fish consumption are released each year by the Minnesota Department of Health. They have been kind enough to allow portions of their advisory to be reprinted here - portions relating to Lake Vermilion. Their hope is to have the whole state advisory available on the Web soon and I'll link to them when that happens.

Here's what they say about eating fish from
Lake Vermilion -
Species 5-15 inches 15-20 inches 20-25 inches 25--30 inches 30+ inches
Northern Pike
White Sucker
Their rating system reads like this -
Vacation Unlimited Unlimited 1 Meal/week 1 Meal
Season Unlimited 2 Meals/week 2 Meals/month 1 Meal/month
Annual Unlimited 1 Meal/week 1 Meal/month Do Not Eat

Please remember to practice Catch & Release

Excerpts from the Minnesota Fish Consumption Advisory, 1996
Minnesota Department of Health