Fisheries Management On Lake Vermilion In 2008

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Area Fisheries Headquarters
650 Hwy. 169
Tower, MN 55790


Lake Vermilion is part of the statewide Large Lake Program, an intensive fisheries management program on the 10 largest lakes in Minnesota. The Large Lake Program was started in 1984, when it became apparent that more detailed biological information was needed to properly manage these important lakes. A Large Lake Specialist was assigned to each lake to manage the program at the area level. The Large Lake Program includes annual fish population assessments, annual water quality monitoring, and regularly scheduled creel surveys.

A variety of sampling gear is used during population assessments to collect the various fish species and life stages, including gill nets, trap nets, beach seines, and an electrofishing boat. Sampling for each gear type is conducted at the same time and place each year in order to determine population trends for the major species. Data is also collected on length, weight, age, and growth for each of the major species.

Creel surveys are scheduled on Lake Vermilion for two consecutive years out of every six years. A creel survey was done in 2008 and another is scheduled for 2009. Creel survey is a scientific method of estimating fishing pressure and fish harvest from a series of boat counts and angler interviews.

The results of the 2008 fish population assessment and creel survey are presented in the balance of this report. We encourage anyone with questions or comments to contact the Tower Fisheries office or stop by our office for a visit. We are located just west of Tower on Highway 169.

Duane Williams, Large Lake Specialist, 218-753-2580, ext. 224

Joe Geis, Area Fisheries Supervisor, 218-753-2580, ext. 222

MN Dept. Of Natural Resources
Division of Fisheries
650 Hwy. 169
Tower, MN 55790

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