22st Annual Ice-Out Contest Is Over!
May 8th
The Ice Is Off The Lake!!

The ice has finally melted and open water extends across the lake!
The high winds and warm temps the last couple of days did their magic on the ice.
The DNR has determined that as of May 8th the lake was free of ice!!
Just in time for the Minnesota Fishing Opener!!

Let the Summer Games Begin!

The contest had 418 guesses - and 8 folks guessed it RIGHT!!
Good guesses this year.
The winners are:

Margie Tode - Quincy, IL
Jim Rosenberger - Lincoln, NE
Addison P Kilibarda - Dublin, Ireland
Scott T Rodby - Elk River, MN
Jake Schmidt - Burnsville, MN
Jason Young - Shakopee, MN
Ben Hester - Waconia, MN
Charles Rollins - Duluth, GA

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!!

Everyone's guess can be found HERE !