Wednesday -- July 18, 2018!

Kids Application!

(all applications will be processed
in order of being received)

We'll be taking applications up until
July 5th, 2018 or we reach 100 kids
so get your application in !!

Here's the NEW LOCATION for the Event!!

Time remaining before the 2018 9th Annual "Take a Kid Fishing" Event!!!

Kids Application! Guides Application! Volunteer Application!

Volunteers Needed for the Event Day! Click HERE for more info!

Location for Boat Operaters/Guides/Sponsors Breakfast -- Bayview Lodge (9 a.m.)!!

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We want to get kids hooked on a habit --- FISHING! So we're putting together a group of volunteers to take kids between the ages of 10 and 15 out on Lake Vermilion for an afternoon of fishing. We did it the last four years and have been looking forward to doing it again all year! Fishing guides and other fishermen will each take two kids in their boats out to their secret fishing hot spots to catch what's hungry and feeding that day. Afterwards, everyone will join in a shorelunch to enjoy their new friends and share in the "fish tales" of the day! Parents of the kids and sponsors of this Event are also invited to join in the feast. (And the kids get to take home their cleaned fish too.)
What better way to share what we all enjoy with the fishermen of tomorrow. Here's an opportunity to share the love and respect we have for this lake and the great outdoors in general. What memories we will help to create - not just for the kids but for us too.
Come join us as a volunteer or just in spirit as we participate in one of earth's greatest pleasures - taking a kid fishing!!
Let's put a smile like this on a lot of faces!!

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