Cook Area Health Care Auxiliary
Donation History
October 2, 1954, the Cook Hospital Auxiliary began with fourteen members. A Silver Tea was held and earned $35.12. A Million Dollar Penny Drive raised $138.76 in 1954 and another $558.91 in 1955. In 1956, $800 was given to the Cook Hospital Association and another $700 in 1959.

During the 1960's, the scholarship program began. $550 was given to 10 different recipients interested in pursuing further education in a medical field. Over $6,200 was given to the hospital and nursing home to purchase equipment, such as a flame photometer, therapy equipment, and a porta-lift; to purchase a refrigerator, rocking chairs, an ice machine, a TV, material for drapery, items for the pediatric unit and beginning equipment for a beauty shop; to promote the hospital by funding an Open House and receptions for new doctors and to fund some extras for the nursing home residents, such as Christmas parties, flowers, and even a Thanksgiving turkey.

In October 1972, the Auxiliary made its final payment on the mission church building where it was operating the Thrift Shop. Through the 1970's, $19,497 was given to the hospital and nursing home and $300 was given in scholarships. Money was spent to refurbish mattresses, dry clean pillows, provide draperies, dishes, linens and gowns. Larger items included a washer and dryer, freezer, and several contributions to the Heart Monitor Fund. In addition, the auxiliary funded Christmas gifts for the nursing home residents, expenses for receptions for doctors, books for the doctors' lounge and uniforms for Red Cross volunteens.

The Auxiliary was able to donate $61,560 during the 1980's. This money continued to fund Christmas gifts, beauty shop supplies, and flowers for the flowerbeds, but was also used to purchase a washer, dryer, screen house, x-ray equipment, a bed scale, wheelchairs, E.K.G. machine, ultra sound stimulator, fetal monitor, lab equipment, therapy equipment and a sizable share on an Emergency Room Cart.

An ambulance radio, patient monitors, beds for the hospital and nursing home, a patient lift, warming closet for warming blankets, dining room chairs, bed side cabinets and funding toward a mammogram machine were included in the $67,561 donated to the hospital and nursing home in the 1990's. Scholarships were given to 5 applicants for a total of $1250. Nursing home activities department and Adult Day Services also received funding each year, in addition to funds for Christmas gifts for the nursing home residents.

With our new Thrift Shop building, many volunteer hours, generous donations from the community, and hundreds of shoppers, the Thrift Shop is thriving. From January 2000 through December 2007, the Auxiliary has donated $77,293 to finish the new dining room for the nursing home residents, furnish a hospital room in the new hospital, purchase two patient Hoyer lifts, wheeled reclining chairs, new lift chairs, a dryer for the laundry and beauty shop equipment. The Auxiliary scholarship program continues and contributions continue to be given annually to the Nursing Home activities department and Adult Day Services.

Thank you for your donations, your membership and your support of the Cook Area Health Care Auxiliary.

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